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Competition/Event Calendars

Upcoming events for 2017

  • Jan


  • KRMFC 2018

    Winter Fly-In
    Sunday 21st January 2018
    Soup, Stovies and hot drinks available.

  • Feb


  • Mar


  • Machrihanish

    Hi everyone, I would like to confirm that the summer fly for fun at Machrihanish airfield will be held on the 5-6 may 2018
    We can cater for alot of types of models free flight ,c/l , petrol ,Heli ,jets ,glow ,elec
    Sorry no fpv
    As always I must have your name, type of vehicle,and registration number at the very latest two weeks prior to the event.
    If you have registered before I will still need conformation of these details. If you have any queries please feel free to phone 07512642207 or email
    For those I cannot get in touch with,I would be grateful if you would spread the word of these dates.
    If any of you would like to fly on the site on any other weekend, please get in touch and I will arrange it.

    Thanks andy rudden
  • Apr


  • May


  • FMFC Open Scale Fly in 2018

    FMFC Open Scale Fly in 2018
    Sunday 6th May 2018 (10am-4pm)

    Longhorsley Fly-In, 25th-28th May

    LMA/SAA members/affiliates are invited to join us at our annual Bank Holiday Fly-In.
    Site open Thur 24th - Tues 29th.
    Camping free to members; £5 per night/£20 weekend for all others.
    Toilets and effluent disposal provided; refuse sacks also provided but please note ALL rubbish to be removed by campers.
    BBQ on Sat. Evening, free to pilots; £3 for guests
    (NB: BBQ's must be ordered in advance).
    Further info: Ian Jones (07941 937538) or

    Look forward to seeing you then.

  • Jun


  • KRMFC 2018

    Summer Fly-In
    Sunday 17th June 2018
    Campers and Campervans can park up on the Saturday
    Good Food
    Good weather (we hope)

    FMFC Mid Summer Fly in 2018

    FMFC Mid Summer Fly in 2018
    Wednesday 20th June 2018 (5pm-10pm)

  • Jul


  • Aug


  • FMFC Summer Fly in 2018

    FMFC Summer Fly in 2018
    Sunday 5th August 2018 (10am-4pm)

    KRMFC 2018

    August Fly-In
    Sunday 19th August 2018
    Campers and Campervans can park up on the Saturday
    Good Food
    Good weather (we hope)

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Lanark Aeromodelling Club Calendar

Lanark Aeromodelling Club
winter indoor flying

Tue 07.11.17
Tue 21.11.17 Venue is:-
Tue 05.12.17 Carluke Lifestyles, Carnwath Road, Carluke
Tue 16.01.18 All dates are Tuesday evenings between 19.30 and 21.30.
Tue 30.01.18
Tue 13.02.18 A fee of £5 will be required per session.
Tue 27.02.18 All welcome.

Aberdeen and District Soarers - Indoor Flying 2017 - 2018

Rolls Royce Heritage Trust

Waterplane Events Calendar



F3A Events Calendar 2018

Free Flight Events Calendar 2018

18 Feb


Allison Trophy -  all-in-mini  ( Includes A/1, 1/2A, Coupe, E36, and Mini-Vintage)

 BMFA 1st Area.   Plugge events  F1g, E36, Mini-Vintage                   

                             + F1a (SMAE), CP (White), CR, CG, CE, HLG/CLG


 4 Mar


Local SAA event -   Combined Everything

BMFA 2nd Area. Plugge Events P30, F1j, CE

                            +  F1h, HLG/CLG, 1/2A Power, CG, CR, CP


11 Mar

Indoor Meeting    Trimming



25  Mar


Local SAA event -   Combined Everything

BMFA 3rd Area   Plugge Events  Vint Glider, HLG/CLG, F1c 

                           +  CG,  CR(Gamage), CP, CE,  F1q, 


Fri  30 Mar

Northern Gala


North Luffenham

 1 Apr


Stop use of Newbigging during lambing season


 1  Apr

Indoor Meeting     -  LRS Contest      11 am to  3 pm



22 Apr


Indoor  Meeting   -  Novice Pennyplane  Contest


1 May


Restart flying at Newbigging after Lambing


13 May

Indoor Meeting   -  F1L  Contest     11 am to  3pm



20  May

Lawrie Trophy  ( CP incl  electric ) – power championship

BMFA 4th Area   Plugge Events CP team, Vint R/P, E30  

                          +  CG, F1b, Mini-Vint, CR, CE, HLG/CLG


26-28  May

British Nationals


Barkston Heath

 10  Jun

The Cranfield Classic



23/24  Jun

Scottish Nationals  :  Saturday   F1a, Vintage,  SLOP/E36

                                 :  Sunday     Glider(BG),Rubber(BR),Power(BmfaP/E36)

BMFA 5th Area : Plugge events  F1h, 1/2A Power, CO2              

                          +   F1g, F1j, E36, CG, CR, CP. CE , HLG/CLG


8 Jul

Steel  Trophy   ( combined F1a and F1b)

BMFA 6th Area :  Plugge events  F1a, F1q, Tailless           

                       +   P30, Vint R/P. SLOP, CG, CR, CP, CE, HLG/CLG


5 Aug


Paisley  Trophy  (all in CG,CP,CR,CE)



12 Aug


 --  Start of grouse shooting season  - avoid Saturdays at Newbigging --


26  Aug

Jubilee Quaich   and  Caprice Contest(Bob Grieve Trophy)



16  Sep

Finlayson Trophy  (  CR )  - rubber championship

BMFA 7th Area   Plugge events  CR Team, Classic Glider, Classic R/P 

                          +  F1c, CG, CP, CE ,HLG/CLG



Indoor Trimming Day



14  Oct

Pan-Am  Trophy  ( CG )  - glider championship

BMFA 8th Area –  Plugge events  CG Team, F1b, SLOP

                        +  E30, Mini-vint, CR, CP, CE,  HLG/CLG



Indoor Trimming Day



Indoor Trimming Day



F1a = A/2,  F1b =  Wakefield,   F1c =  FAI Power,   F1g = Coupe,    F1h =  A/1

All  “bold” events count in F/F League;  best 8 scores from 20 events during year.

The scores of the top flier from each club in the Glider, Rubber, and Power Championships will be used to decide the winning club for the Caley Shield.

There will be 8 contests for “Bill’s Chuckie League”, one on each Area date. Your best 5 will be count towards the trophy.

Outdoor Entry Fees will be £3:00 per event.  SAA Flying site fee of £5:00 per day, or £30 per annum.

BMFA Area entry fee is £5:00 per day ticket, an additional £1.00 will provide entry the local SAA event

Soaring Contest Calendar 2018

Scale Contest Calendar 2018

SAA Training Testing Calendar 2018